• 3 Reasons Why a Royal Car Wash is Good for the Soul...

    ...because you know life always seems a little nicer when you look at your car and it's sparkling.

    ...because you know you look so good driving in a clean, shiny car.

    ...and you always feel better getting into a car that is clean on the inside, don't you?

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  • 3 Things That Happen to Our Customers After a Royal Car Wash

    People are constantly turning heads to see them driving.

    If they are single, they find a new mate.

    Their friends keep asking them if they've lost weight.

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  • 3 Practical Reasons to Get a Royal Car Wash Today

    Save Time.

    We can do it a lot faster than you can at home and you can do other things while we're working.

    Save Energy

    Reserve your time and effort for the things you really want to do. Let us do the work.

    Free Re-Do

    If it rains within 48 hours of your wash, come back for another one on us.

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What's Great About Royal Car Wash?

We strive to give you a great experience in addition to giving you a clean car.

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  • Clean The Way You Want It

    You can get a quick and easy clean or get your car back to the way it looked when it was brand new!
  • Our Lounge

    Relax and enjoy coffee or other beverages and snacks in our lounge. We also provide FREE wi-fi!
  • Extraordinary Detailing

    We take great pride in our auto detailing work, making your car look the very best it possibly can...inside & out.
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There's an easier way!

Let us make your life a little easier.

Daily Specials

Click on each day to see its special.

Take the hassle out of keeping your car clean. Royal Car Wash will do it for you - Fast and Easy!

  • Monday Special - Seniors Day +

    All Seniors receive $3 off on any Full Service Wash Package each and every Monday.
  • Tuesday Special - Men's Day +

    All human males receive $3 off any Full Service Wash Package each and every Tuesday.
  • Wednesday Special - Ladies Day +

    Everyone of the fairer sex receives $3 off any Full Service Wash Package each and every Wednesday.
  • Thursday Special - College Students Day +

    Any college student presenting their School ID on Thursday receives $3 off any Full Service Wash Package.
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